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Racist, Sexist Blacks at Arizona State University attack other people

These kind of divisions are right out of the Castro playbook – divide people by skin color and gender so that you can control them. Encourage hate, envy and resentment so that you can seize power.

Look at the video below to see two racist, sexist blacks at Arizona State University harass people. So far, ASU has done nothing. These two females are clearly racist and sexist: they are targeting people based on skin color and gender. Two black Karens.

Where are President Biden and VP Harris condemning this? The answer is in the history of the party. Remember the Democrat party supported slavery, fought for slavery, created and supported segregation and the KKK. While they claim to disavow it today, the Democrat Party does not condemn racist and sexist females at Arizona State University like this.

In short, sexism and segregation are still deeply ingrained in the Democrat Party in 2021, despite what the party claims.

The idiocy is astounding:

“We’re not kicking you out, we are asking you to leave.” While cursing, yelling, bullying, attacking, and generally making idiotic comments.

“We never said that white people can’t be here” quite literally thirty seconds after saying it is a multicultural space and whites can’t be here.

“multiculturalism doesn’t mean we all come together and hold hands…” So much for the “multi” in it.

“OMG You think whites have culture wow.” The height of racism.

These are examples of the what “education” system is producing. And if it wasn’t clear why the one girl said she’d been there 5 years, this kind of dialog demonstrates it. Every person has a culture. No one is the sum of their skin color or gender. How long did it take to get rid of white and black water fountains? How long did the Democrat party fight it? Well, it took only 5 years to build them back up at ASU.

If the girls were self aware enough, they should demand a refund. Either way, ASU should kick them out of the school for being racist, sexist, bullies.

Two people sitting their minding their own business and two control freak, racist, sexist busybodies harass them.

Is the next step genetic testing to determine what each person’s genetic heritage is? Or will the Democrat Party just bring back their own old “one drop rule”?

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