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Why the Democrat Party wants to tear down the Confederate Statues

The reason the statues should remain up is the same reason the Democrat Party wants them torn down: they are a constant reminder of what the Democrat party and the philosophy of the slave-owning Democrat party is capable of doing.

The philosophy of slavery is that you do not have the right to your life or the products of it, that someone else’s need comes before your right to your life, by right, and that the Democrat party has the right to take it from you at the point of a gun. Bernie, AOC and their ilk all are still espousing the same philosophy that the slave owning Democrats did, just sugar-coating it today.

That philosophy was evil and immoral when the Republicans fought and expended significant blood and treasure to free the slaves and end the system, and it is equally evil and immoral now.

No wonder the Democrats don’t want to be reminded about it by having statues around. Voters might realize the similarities.

The dictators in Cuba have the same belief: they can rule the entire island by force to serve their own ends, while depriving the people of Cuba of their lives and any liberty at all solely at their whim.

It is the same reason that the Democrat Party doesn’t want Cubans to come to the US – they know that Cuba is the end result of their policies and they can’t take the chance that people who have first hand experience with socialism and communism will educate any of the Democrat base.

Remember that the only way that socialism provides equality is the equal fear of a bullet to the back of the head.

A Washington D.C. Liberal who recently moved to Florida said today: “You people sure do love your freedom here.” The answer is you are damn right we do, we know that the policies the Democrat party espouses is anti-freedom, anti-liberty, and only serves those who want power over everyone else.

We guard liberty jealously because the authoritarians and totalitarians of all stripes – fascist, socialist or communist – will chip away at freedom gradually until there is none left and no way to regain it.

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