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Fighting for Freedom in Cuba

People are fighting and dying for freedom in Cuba while Bernie, AOC and parts of the Democrat party in the US are fighting to end it in the US. Socialism’s body count is in the hundreds of millions and it is incompatible with liberty, resist the insanity here. Fight for liberty. Remember that socialism’s goal is communism, and both are totalitarian systems who have to impose their dictates at the point of a gun.

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Racist, Sexist Blacks at Arizona State University attack other people

These kind of divisions are right out of the Castro playbook – divide people by skin color and gender so that you can control them. Encourage hate, envy and resentment so that you can seize power.

Look at the video below to see two racist, sexist blacks at Arizona State University harass people. So far, ASU has done nothing. These two females are clearly racist and sexist: they are targeting people based on skin color and gender. Two black Karens.

Where are President Biden and VP Harris condemning this? The answer is in the history of the party. Remember the Democrat party supported slavery, fought for slavery, created and supported segregation and the KKK. While they claim to disavow it today, the Democrat Party does not condemn racist and sexist females at Arizona State University like this.

In short, sexism and segregation are still deeply ingrained in the Democrat Party in 2021, despite what the party claims.

The idiocy is astounding:

“We’re not kicking you out, we are asking you to leave.” While cursing, yelling, bullying, attacking, and generally making idiotic comments.

“We never said that white people can’t be here” quite literally thirty seconds after saying it is a multicultural space and whites can’t be here.

“multiculturalism doesn’t mean we all come together and hold hands…” So much for the “multi” in it.

“OMG You think whites have culture wow.” The height of racism.

These are examples of the what “education” system is producing. And if it wasn’t clear why the one girl said she’d been there 5 years, this kind of dialog demonstrates it. Every person has a culture. No one is the sum of their skin color or gender. How long did it take to get rid of white and black water fountains? How long did the Democrat party fight it? Well, it took only 5 years to build them back up at ASU.

If the girls were self aware enough, they should demand a refund. Either way, ASU should kick them out of the school for being racist, sexist, bullies.

Two people sitting their minding their own business and two control freak, racist, sexist busybodies harass them.

Is the next step genetic testing to determine what each person’s genetic heritage is? Or will the Democrat Party just bring back their own old “one drop rule”?

Why the Democrat Party wants to tear down the Confederate Statues

The reason the statues should remain up is the same reason the Democrat Party wants them torn down: they are a constant reminder of what the Democrat party and the philosophy of the slave-owning Democrat party is capable of doing.

The philosophy of slavery is that you do not have the right to your life or the products of it, that someone else’s need comes before your right to your life, by right, and that the Democrat party has the right to take it from you at the point of a gun. Bernie, AOC and their ilk all are still espousing the same philosophy that the slave owning Democrats did, just sugar-coating it today.

That philosophy was evil and immoral when the Republicans fought and expended significant blood and treasure to free the slaves and end the system, and it is equally evil and immoral now.

No wonder the Democrats don’t want to be reminded about it by having statues around. Voters might realize the similarities.

The dictators in Cuba have the same belief: they can rule the entire island by force to serve their own ends, while depriving the people of Cuba of their lives and any liberty at all solely at their whim.

It is the same reason that the Democrat Party doesn’t want Cubans to come to the US – they know that Cuba is the end result of their policies and they can’t take the chance that people who have first hand experience with socialism and communism will educate any of the Democrat base.

Remember that the only way that socialism provides equality is the equal fear of a bullet to the back of the head.

A Washington D.C. Liberal who recently moved to Florida said today: “You people sure do love your freedom here.” The answer is you are damn right we do, we know that the policies the Democrat party espouses is anti-freedom, anti-liberty, and only serves those who want power over everyone else.

We guard liberty jealously because the authoritarians and totalitarians of all stripes – fascist, socialist or communist – will chip away at freedom gradually until there is none left and no way to regain it.

Crisis in Cuba

The woman in this article tells you the truth about life in Cuba. There is no freedom of expression. You are indoctrinated with communist propaganda, and controlled with violence. Anything you send to family or friends will be seized by the government. The lies about a socialist paradise by Castro led to communism, total government control, fear, intimidation and destruction. The people of Cuba deserve to live a life of freedom. A life without fear of restrictions and retribution.

EU and Cuba clash over condemnation of protest crackdown

The EU issued a statement calling on Cuban authorities to respect human rights. This includes releasing arbitrarily detained protesters and allowing freedom of expression and freedom of the press. More than 700 Cuban protesters have been detained and yet the Cuban Foreign Minister continues to blame the US embargo for the problems in Cuba. The authoritarian regime will not accept responsibility for its brutal behavior. Instead they will carry on with condemning the US embargo and continue with the lies and propaganda from the failed communist regime.

US sets new Cuba sanctions as Biden meets Cuban-Americans

Three weeks after the July 11th protests in Cuba the Biden administration met with Cuban American activists to hear their opinions about the situation in Cuba. New sanctions were announced against Cuba’s national revolutionary police and its top two officials. The Police Nacional Revolcionaria and the agency’s director and deputy director, Oscar Callejas Valcarce and Eddie Sierra Arias were named in these new sanctions. Was this a symbolic gesture by the US or will it actually help the people in Cuba in their quest for freedom from an authoritarian government?

Turning Cuba’s Internet Back On: International Legal Options

It’s pretty clear that the communist regime will do anything to keep their power. Controlling internet access is just one of their many tools of oppression. Cubans should be allowed to communicate freely without persecution. Will Biden help?

Biden should support Cuba’s internet freedom

Cuba’s authoritarian regime has restricted access to the internet because they do not want the world to know about the atrocities being committed on the island. The socialist, communist regime wants to stifle dissent and disrupt communication. There is no freedom of expression allowed. Can the US help and will they?

Rubio Joins Senate Colleagues in Applauding Senate Passage of Bipartisan Legislation Honoring the Legacy of Cuban Dissident Oswaldo Payá

The Senate passed a bipartisan bill to rename the street outside of the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C. as “Oswaldo Payá Way.” In attendance were U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) along with Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Ben Cardin (D-MD), and Rick Scott (R-FL).

Payá bravely used a non violent approach to promote democracy in Cuba. He did not let fear stop him from being a critic of Castro. We must continue the fight to liberate Cuba from the communist regime.

‘Terror’: Crackdown After Protests in Cuba Sends a Chilling Message

The authoritarian Cuban government has responded to protesters with brutal repression. According to some human rights groups there have been over 700 people detained, without access to defense lawyers and no outside contact with their family or friends. The socialist, communist government continues to lie and label all the protesters as looters and vandals. President Miguel Díaz-Canel issued a “call to combat” against the cuban citizens. The people of Cuba are protesting for freedom from a communist dictatorship. They did not vote for Díaz-Canel. They are suffering and scared and it’s time to listen.

Biden facing mounting pressure from all sides to respond to Cuba protests

When is the left going to stop pretending that Cuba is a socialist paradise with free education and free healthcare? The country is in a shambles and the citizens have had enough of the Castro lies and propaganda. Stop blaming the US embargo and take a hard look at the failed socialist, communist policies that have shackled and murdered its own people in the name of social justice. Cubans want libertad, freedom.